Our Senior Leadership Team

Kristina Sawdy • Vice President Operations

senior executive recruiter
Kristina Sawdy brings to Haskel Thompson & Associates a background of hard work, unwavering enthusiasm and a unique skill set.  As a graduate of the University of Florida, her experience in sales coupled with a deep human resource background provide effective management at every level in a professional search.  Ms. Sawdy’s previous experience as a managing partner permits an understanding of bottom-line, cost-effective time management.  She appreciates the pressures under which client companies operate.  Kristina’s back-office, human resource experience presents candidates with support and guidance through every phase of their process from vetting, to interviewing, and on boarding.  Client companies and candidates also benefit from Kristina’s expertise in C-Suite placements.

Kristina Sawdy is a competitive professional who will channel her energy and talent to provide the recruiting solutions companies must have in today’s work environment.  Client companies receive an array of thoroughly qualified candidates vetted through Haskel Thompson’s proprietary processes.

Robert Hurt • Recruiter

Robert Hurt brings to Haskel Thompson and Associates a background of dedicated servant leadership, hard work, and over a decade of C-store and Fuel Operations experience with some of the most sought-after organizations in our focus sectors. Robert is a graduate of Virginia Tech and has an extensive background in restaurant operations, business-to-business sales as well as brand management and development. Robert has worked with all levels of management in a collaborative effort, and this allows for a unique understanding of our clients’ potential needs. With a substantial background in C-store operations and full P&L management, Robert understands the importance of identifying top talent for leadership roles to fully maximize our clients’ bottom line and meaningfully contribute to our clients’ company culture.

Jennifer Diaz • Administrative Manager and Recruiting Analyst

Jennifer has joined the Haskel Thompson & Associate’s Team as the Recruiting Analyst and Administrative Manager. Originally from North Carolina, Jennifer gained her master’s degree in Legal Studies, where she focused her studies on compliance and negotiation. Prior to finding her passion for recruiting, Jennifer’s career was in higher education where she served as a Registrar/Director of Student Records. Working with an array of people has given Jennifer the opportunity to shine in a new field.

Jennifer brings a diverse expertise, exceptional interpersonal skills, and a keen eye for top level talent. Her responsibilities include all administrative functions for Haskel Thompson & Associates as it pertains to social media, human resources, and process development. She is an invaluable asset to the HT&A team!


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