Our Senior Leadership Team

senior executive recruiter

Eric White • General Manager & Senior Recruiter

Eric White has a multi-faceted history with Haskel Thompson & Associates.  After his graduation from Florida Gulf Coast University, Eric began his professional career in retail and sales.  He joined HTA as a recruiting analyst, an entry-level position.  Since that time, Eric has attained the position of Senior Executive Recruiter and General Manager of Business Development & Operations.  If something needs to be done, Eric will get it done, done well and in a timely manner.  Eric exemplifies his commitment to the HTA recruiting process by actively building relationships with both client companies and candidates.  As a Senior Recruiter, he manages his own searches while onboarding and training new staff.  As GM of Business Development, he directed the rebranding and rebuilding the HTA web presence resulting in increased sales.

Eric is competitive.  He can be reached anytime day and night as his phone is always on.  He has helped Haskel Thompson & Associates to maintain its position as the premiere, boutique recruiting in the industry.

Kristina Sawdy • Senior Executive Recruiter

senior executive recruiter

Kristina Sawdy brings to Haskel Thompson & Associates a background of hard work, unwavering enthusiasm and a unique skill set.  As a graduate of the University of Florida, her experience in sales coupled with a deep human resource background provide effective management at every level in a professional search.  Ms. Sawdy’s previous experience as a managing partner permits an understanding of bottom-line, cost-effective time management.  She appreciates the pressures under which client companies operate.  Kristina’s back-office, human resource experience presents candidates with support and guidance through every phase of their process from vetting, to interviewing, and on boarding.  Client companies and candidates also benefit from Kristina’s expertise in C-Suite placements.

Kristina Sawdy is a competitive professional who will channel her energy and talent to provide the recruiting solutions companies must have in today’s work environment.  Client companies receive an array of thoroughly qualified candidates vetted through Haskel Thompson’s proprietary processes.

Richard “Rick” Cosmer • Senior Executive Recruiter

senior executive recruiter

Richard Cosmer comes to Haskel Thompson & Associates with an unparalleled 35-year background in the oil and gas industry.   Earning both a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree from Washington State University and the University of Southern California respectively, Rick has experience in all industry realms.  Mr. Cosmer understands all aspects of P/L, retail, wholesale & commercial sales, market expansion, operations, logistics, supply, mergers and acquisitions. His experience and his personal contacts plus the HTA network make Rick a formidable recruiter.  Rick is exceptional at listening to both clients and candidates.  He can distill wants and needs creating an exceptional portfolio of viable candidates.

As a Senior Executive Recruiter for Haskel Thompson & Associates, Richard Cosmer will guide the search from vetting to placement.  His passion for the industry, his depth of knowledge and his professional insight will effectively provide experienced candidates to compliment corporate culture.


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