Our Senior Leadership Team

Haskel Thompson • CEO

haskel thompson executive recruiters

Since 1979 Haskel Thompson has served as Owner and Chief Executive Officer, respectively, to Haskel Thompson & Associates and National Energy Personnel (NEP), for the refining and supply side of upstream operations.

Haskel has specialized in the convenience store and petroleum industries. He actively demonstrates the ability to help businesses accelerate growth and profitability by placing the right candidate at the executive level in store operations, marketing and merchandising, fuels or food service. Having served on many association boards, Haskel has the foundation and in-depth industry knowledge to partner with clients and help them move their companies to the highest levels.

His firm offers deep industry knowledge with an executive search and appraisal process that source leaders who are outstanding organizational fits. We have the resources and methods to find and thoroughly assess top-tier talent.

We are dedicated to deliver results with the highest level of professionalism, diligence and confidentiality to help fuel organizational growth.

Kristina Sawdy • Vice President of Sales and Recruitment

senior executive recruiter Kristina Sawdy Vice President of Sales and Recruitment
Kristina Sawdy brings to Haskel Thompson & Associates a background of hard work, unwavering enthusiasm and a unique skill set.  As a graduate of the University of Florida, her experience in sales coupled with a deep human resource background provide effective management at every level in a professional search.  Ms. Sawdy’s previous experience as a managing partner permits an understanding of bottom-line, cost-effective time management.  She appreciates the pressures under which client companies operate.  Kristina’s back-office, human resource experience presents candidates with support and guidance through every phase of their process from vetting, to interviewing, and on boarding.  Client companies and candidates also benefit from Kristina’s expertise in C-Suite placements.

Kristina Sawdy is a competitive professional who will channel her energy and talent to provide the recruiting solutions companies must have in today’s work environment.  Client companies receive an array of thoroughly qualified candidates vetted through Haskel Thompson’s proprietary processes.

Robert Hurt • Executive Recruiter

Robert Hurt Executive Recruiter
Robert Hurt brings to Haskel Thompson and Associates a background of dedicated servant leadership, hard work, and over a decade of C-store and Fuel Operations experience with some of the most sought-after organizations in our focus sectors. Robert is a graduate of Virginia Tech and has an extensive background in restaurant operations, business-to-business sales as well as brand management and development. Robert has worked with all levels of management in a collaborative effort, and this allows for a unique understanding of our clients’ potential needs. With a substantial background in C-store operations and full P&L management, Robert understands the importance of identifying top talent for leadership roles to fully maximize our clients’ bottom line and meaningfully contribute to our clients’ company culture.

Phalynn Meeds • Recruiter

Phalynn Meeds Recruiter

Phalynn Meeds joins Haskel Thompson and Associates as an industry Expert in Retail, C-Store, and Fuel Operations with over 10 years’ experience in our focus sectors. Phalynn’s extensive leadership and management background equips her with a unique skill set to effectively execute our deliverables. Her exceptional interpersonal skills have been instrumental in partnering with leadership positions across critical c-suite functional areas. Having originated from the Mideast and now residing in the Midwest for two decades, Phalynn has built a strong network, providing her with a wide geographic advantage. A competitive professional, she will utilize her experience and core values to identify top talent and proudly deliver through Haskel Thompson and Associates’ proprietary process.

Nick McQuarry • Recruiter

executive recruiter Nick McQuarry

Nick McQuarry joins Haskel Thompson & Associates with experience working in Convenience store retail and Oil & Energy as a talented recruiter in executive search. From his early days working in a convenience store in the Northeast, he brings hands on knowledge by having worked directly in one of our core spaces. Originally from Jacksonville, Florida, Nick resides in Houston where he studied and received his degree from Rice University. While at Rice, Nick was a member of the Owls Football team as a kicker and punter.


Nick’s experience in recruitment and working with senior level executives combined with his competitive drive will ensure he delivers top-tier talent to our valued clients.

Carol Francis • Office Manager

Carol Francis brings over 20 years of experience as an Office Manager to the Haskel Thompson and Associates team. Carol’s experience includes financial reporting and analysis, contract administration, human resources and payroll management, and integrating technology for efficient processing of workflow. Carol’s focus on workplace optimization, managing multiple projects and strong people skills brings strong support to the HT&A recruitment team. Carol will be a key contributor to the team as our company continues to grow efficiently and effectively.

Shawna Glenn • Recruiting Analyst

Shawna Glenn brings over 7 years of experience in the energy and petroleum marketing industries, working directly in sales, marketing, logistics and recruitment. Throughout her career she has worked in financial management, healthcare and built her own business with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Shawna’s extensive 15 plus years in sales and finance has enabled her to effectively build high-performing teams that deliver exceptional results. Shawna’s knowledge of industry, her confidence and drive are an asset to the Haskel Thompson and Associates team in identifying and attracting the most talented individuals in industry.


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