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Please join me in welcoming Jennifer Eaton to Haskel Thompson & Associates as Senior Recruiting Analyst. She has over a decade of          experience in the convenience store industry. Jennifer has worked for multiple top 100 convenience chains in various capacities                    including merchandising, category and brand management, data analysis, and project management. In 2017, she was honored as a Top Women in Convenience Senior Level Leader by Convenience Store News.

Jennifer has spent much of her career in the category management space and has extensive experience with SKU rationalization, inventory management, and vendor negotiation and management. In addition, Jennifer has led multiple omnichannel marketing campaigns and spearheaded marketing collaborations with multiple sport organizations, including a convenience store located in the middle of Charlotte Motor Speedway. Her experience in developing marketing programs culminated in recognition as a featured marketing campaign in The New York Times.

Jennifer obtained a Master of Business Administration from East Carolina University and studied Sport Management at Georgia Southern University. She is a certified Project Management Professional and holds multiple certificates in Business Communication and Six Sigma.

As a seasoned professional on the retail side of the industry, Jennifer brings a unique perspective to professional executive searches and is able to draw on her own experiences to deliver best in class results for our clients.

She can be reached at Jennifer@HaskelThompson.com 

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Over the course of her career, she has specialized in building relationships with C-Suite Executives and potential recruits and providing solutions to their needs. She has a strong focus in Recruitment, Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Culture and Employee Engagement Strategies, Workforce Planning and Optimization, Career Consulting, Resume Writing and Sales Training. Kristina is a graduate of the University of Florida.