Haskel Thompson Owner & President


Selecting the right advisory partner to help fill critical positions has never been more important.

Since founding Haskel Thompson & Associates more than forty years ago, I am confident we are the firm of choice.  We have the experience and the energy clients require.

The evolution of organizations, markets and engagement has transformed both leadership needs and solutions.  Industry transformation and its broad-based complexity compel clients to engage advisors who understand their business strategies and cultures. Focused, strategic growth requires strong, diverse candidates who can devise tactics and work within critical timelines.

As experienced and skilled as our recruiting team is, I believe the first and most important step in our process is to listen to our clients.  The next step is to ask critical questions to further understand client needs and wants.  Only then, do we begin the process to leverage our resources and strengths to tailor the search. Relationships ultimately rely on trust and communication.  Building that relationship among the recruiting team, the client and candidates are the foundations of a successful search.  We are dedicated to the development of our team members that clients can always feel we are representing them at their best by our best efforts.