Our Candidates

Candidates who work with Haskel Thompson & Associates are the top leaders in their industries. As one of the top executive search firms in the industries we serve, we are committed to sourcing only top-tier talent.  Our interview process is competitive, our vetting process is superior, and our requirements are high.  Our goal is to always present our candidates to the leading organizations in our industry sectors.


Haskel Thompson & Associates makes three essential commitments to our candidates: confidential matching with our client companies, transparent communication, and transition support. Our boutique-style firm is designed to excel in matching skill sets with personal and professional goals. We also provide candidates with recommendations and guidance to maintain or enhance skill sets to remain future ready. Haskel Thompson & Associates understands the confidential nature of information shared. Consent is always obtained before information is share with client companies. We provide personal service and reliable communication throughout the process. We work side-by-side with all applicants ensuring successful and seamless transitions.


  • Completing a full, detailed work history resume in chronological order
  • Completing and signing a fact sheet
  • Signing a confidentiality agreement
  • Obtaining and forwarding any additional documents that may be required including
    • Education and certification verification
    • Copy of any non-compete agreement, if applicable
    • Relocation requirements

Our vetting process is thorough and competitive.  Our clients require a limited array of top-tier candidates for submission; therefore, not all applicants will be submitted.  We take the time to learn applicant’s strengths, weaknesses, geographical constraints, commitment and interest in position change.


  • Participating in competitive in-house interviews
  • Providing the company name and details for candidate research
  • Conducting reference checks within pre-established, necessary parameters
  • Vetting and a final evaluation prior to submission
  • Presenting an executive summary to client company
  • Coordinating interview requirements
    • Travel
    • Interview schedule
    • Transportation
    • Accommodations
    • Interview location
  • Providing enhanced applicant bio information to interview panel


  • Debriefing after the interview process
  • Collaborating offer extension
  • Coordinating transition from resignation from current company through on boarding

What Our Candidates Say

“Haskel has worked with me on multiple positions as a Construction Manager for the retail petroleum industry. During the process of placement, Haskel had the upmost professionalism and integrity in providing the service needed in connecting my experience with the positions outlined requirements”

John E.
“Haskel recruited me for the company I am currently with 13 years ago. It was the right match for my current employer and most definitely for myself. Haskel briefed my thoroughly for my telephone and face to face interview. The knowledge gained from Haskel’s direction has also helped my interviewing skills. Thanks to Haskel, I found the right match.”
Sam A.

“The level of preparation that Haskel and his staff devoted to me not only gave me confidence in the interview process, but also made me a cut above the rest of the people interviewing for the job.”

James H.

“The Haskel Thompson and Associates team stayed with me from the time they called to tell me about the opportunity until well after I went to work in my new role. In fact they still stay in contact with me on a regular basis.”

Steven B.

“I think the biggest difference with Haskel’s group is that they know that when they place somebody there are family members involved, a house to be sold, kids who have to change schools, etc. They covered all of those issues on the front end and made sure all of our bases were covered when I accepted my position.”

Mark C.

“My experience with Haskel and his team was positive every step of the way. They stayed focused on the big picture making sure the position was in line with my career goals. They also stayed engaged during the whole process with phone, screen, and in person contact during the 3 month process.  Additionally, my experience working with Haskel in his team was better than other recruiters I have worked with in the past because Haskel’s empathy, commitment, honesty and openness was greater than others.”

Jeff K.

“I have known Haskel for over 15 years and have found him to be very professional. I have also served as a reference for multiple candidates that Haskel’s firm has placed.  I have always received positive feedback about the firm.  Haskel is actively involved industry events and has a solid reputation.”

Rocky D.

“The difference between Haskel Thompson & Associates and other recruiting firms I have worked with is integrity. You don’t get that at other firms. This is from someone who is being recruited and honesty was significantly better.”

Jill P.

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