Executive Recruiters with Experience and Personal Approach


Executive Recruiters, Haskel Thompson & Associates has specialized in delivering results in the oil and energy business sector since 1979. We focus in the three industry segments of upstream, midstream and downstream.  We successfully place personnel in convenience and fuel retailing, consumer products and manufacturing, private equity, and QSR spaces.  Our team works with a wide range of top-tier candidates from middle management to C-Suites.  We will identify personnel who are the right fit, at the right level, and with the right industry experience.  Our professional, executive recruiting team will demonstrate their deep understanding of corporate needs and will tailor our services to the client’s organizational needs.


Our exceptional executive team has extensive experience identifying insightful leaders committed to corporate growth. We work with clients across multiple industries and regions to build diverse leadership teams aligning culture with future needs. Helping our clients perform a positional needs analysis and prioritizing candidate characteristics is a critical first step prior to rigorous applicant sourcing and screening.  We carefully listen to clients distilling their needs.  Our meticulous candidate vetting identifies outstanding individuals.  We only present qualified, seasoned candidates who closely align to corporate needs.  We guide clients through the entire process from initial contact to prospective candidate onboarding.


Our personal approach has embodied a combination of discretion and reliability when managing confidential searches. We take the appropriate time to understand the talent needs specific to an organization and identify the best matches.  Our experienced executive recruiters will assist in defining and developing the right talent profile and source only qualified candidates who share values and demonstrate potential to grow organizations.  Our media and industry engagement network excel at fostering and nurturing a qualified, diverse candidate pool to deliver a comprehensive executive package. Our packages permit clients to thoroughly review candidates’ work histories and backgrounds prior the interview process.


From middle management to C-Suite, from big box, small box to QSR, we have the right candidates. Our engaged executive recruiters have the industry connections to deliver a range of candidate packages.

Executive Recruiters For Convenience and Petroleum

Since our founding in 1979, we have been the leading executive recruiting firm within the oil & gas industry – particularly as the ebb and flow of merger and acquisition consolidations create organizational gaps and opportunities. With an abundance of knowledge in the industry and the largest network available, our executive recruiting team provides the security of knowing critical positions will be filled by quality candidates.

Executive Recruiters For QSR

As the industry continues to grow, we have been at the forefront of recruiting top-tier candidates for middle management, research & development, and senior executives. With our extensive experience and proprietary processes, we locate the best organizational talent.

Executive Recruiters For Consumer Products and manufacturing

Our top-tier executive recruiters will act as consultants providing the best talent for organizational needs. Our firm is fully aware of the cost-containment pressures while sourcing candidates who provide fresh ideas, innovation and speed while focusing on increased customer service.

Executive Recruiters For Private Equity

In an ever-changing landscape, we continue to meet the demands of the private equity sector with top-tier talent. Haskel Thompson and Associates has been at the forefront in recognizing the entry that private equity has made in the retail industry.  Our executive recruitment team appreciates the energy private equity firms bring to the marketplace.  We have engaged with numerous top private equity firms that represent thousands of sites.