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Paragon Solutions is a retail design and consulting firm based in Fort Worth, Texas. For 20+ years, Paragon has been helping customers across the country maximize their returns on investment, increase sales/profit margins, and revamp operations through the use of creative design techniques. A large portion of our client base includes convenience stores, truck stops, travel plazas, quick serve restaurants, fast food/fast casual franchises, and other retail establishments.

Paragon’s areas of specialization include:

  • Ground up & remodel projects
  • Site analysis, feasibility study & development planning coordination
  • Award-winning store layouts & interior design
  • Profit center analysis & maximization
  • Green/Sustainability review and analysis
  • Financial & business analysis
  • Creative merchandising solutions
  • Equipment and vendor specifications
  • Out-of-the-box branding, imaging & graphics design












Mr. Lawshe is the owner of Paragon Solutions, a nationwide convenience store and retail industry design and consulting firm based in Fort Worth, Texas. He has 23 years of specialized and targeted industry experience, consulting a multitude of customers including convenience stores, travel centers/truck stops, petroleum companies, large chain operators, independently owned retailers, quick serve restaurants, fast casual restaurants, and other specialty retailers. His company is recognized as one of the leading design firms in the industry, with over 150 projects completed annually throughout the U.S. Customers include Pizza Inn, Shell marketers across the country, Marathon Ashland Petroleum, Brookshire Brothers, Spinx Petroleum, and other independent operators.


Mr. Lawshe’s background includes fuel distributing and retail operations, in addition to his existing consulting business founded in 1986. He has hands on experience with site analysis & selection, market research, property acquisition & management, cost estimating, and all-around operational consultation. Michael has won multiple awards for his cutting edge designs and has helped scores of customers maximize their sales potential and returns on investment.


Mr. Lawshe and his wife Cathy have been married for 25 years and have three children, Erin, Whitney and Colin. He and his family currently reside in Arlington, Texas.


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