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Cleckley Assessments, LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, and is a Strategic Business Partner of Profiles International, Inc., the recognized world leader in employment evaluation and human resource management assessment tools. Cleckley Assessments helps companies save money by helping them hire and promote the right people the first time.

Cleckley Assessments offers a complete suite of Employee Assessments and Job Skill Tests. All of their Employee Assessments and Job Skill Tests can be administered online with 24-7 access. These tools are ADA, Civil Rights and EEOC compliant. They meet ALL Department of Labor guidelines for assessments and have documentation regarding their reliability and validity. They are available in multiple languages.

Susan Cleckley, MBA, SPHR is the Principal Talent Assessment Specialist at Cleckley Assessments, LLC. Susan has over 25 years of successful sales, marketing and human resource business experience in a variety of industries including several Fortune 500 companies. As an experienced business professional, Susan understands that Employees are the single most important Asset your company possesses - they cannot be copied by other companies and therefore can be a source of sustainable competitive advantage for your company. Susan's passion is to help her clients build and develop an outstanding workforce by helping them select the right people and develop them to their full potential.



Call Cleckley Assessments, LLC today to schedule a free consultation. Let us share with you information about how Employee Assessments and Job Skill Tests can fit into your organization. (717) 627-3920


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